community groups


One of the best ways to get plugged in to Renaissance Church is to become involved in a Community Group. By joining a group, you get a chance to build strong relationships and be cared for.


Learning about and following Jesus doesn’t always come easily living in our city. Community Groups provide an encouraging space to wrestle with who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. God made us for community, so we need others to help us apply the gospel to our lives. The cool thing about Community Groups is that whether you’ve never picked up a Bible or you’ve earned a masters degree in divinity, your life will be enriched by meeting with the 8 to 10 people in your group.


Groups meet in homes around Harlem, and all are led by trained leaders from our congregation. Groups will meet weekly for eight weeks, for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer (food is also often involved). Many groups also serve together in Harlem or get together for social events.